Friday, February 2, 2018

Free Geek Fuel Box Came

Hey guys and gals,

Got my free Geek Fuel box today.  Came with the items listed in the previous post (Transfomers T-shirt, GF lanyard & pin, Steam code, and a random journal.)  I received the Zelda journal.  It's really nice in person; well made.  I don't usually write in journals but tempted to fill this one up because it's so pretty... either that or put it up as decoration.  Maybe I'll keep it on the nightstand as a dream journal.

Well, anyhow, just wanted to show that the GF offer was legit.  The promo is now over though, I believe, but who knows, they might do it again.  Keep an eye out for next time.  ;)

Happy Geeking
~Lenne Penry

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