Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wizardess Heart MC's Personality Change?

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Am I the only one who's noticed a change in the Wizardess Heart MC, Liz Hart, in the new story lines?  She's not the simple, blushing, understanding though dumb type of girl they've had since the inception of the series.  In Zeus's route (the newest route), she seems short tempered, slightly snarky, assertive, and a tad sharper.  She kind of reminds me a little of my MC, except Bao Lai is also goofy and socially awkward. 

I wonder what provoked the change... different writers, maybe?  Or maybe the same writers thought she'd act differently because Liz didn't have a buddy/boyfriend in the first three years at the academy in this route. Maybe the personality change could be attributed to maturity without a bf to rely on.  Not sure.  I'm liking Liz a bit better than her old airhead version but I still think Amelia deserves her own route with Prof Merkulova.

What are your thoughts on the matured/modified Liz Hart?  How do you like Zeus?

For those who haven't checked out this series, it's free in the Playstore and one of the better ones by Shall We Date Apps.  Give it a try.

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