Friday, August 31, 2018

Random Post: Summer Update

Hey everyone!

Thanks for visiting.  It's almost September!  Can you believe it?

I've been working on the fourth book to Polaris but having real trouble with Ying's route.  He's such an ornery weirdo that I'm having difficulties with dialogue.  The book is almost 600 pages long and I'm still not at the climax of yet.  So... this might be another 800-page Empress of Ning book.  At least if you count pages of books while reading like I count steps, it's a real workout, huh?

I've also started a part time job recently to save up for a house, cuz prices have skyrocketed from a few years ago.  That's cutting into writing time too.  I really hope to get this book rolling and out by the end of the year.  So... look for it.  I think my fan base is 1 person.  Whoever you are, thank you much!

Oh, and in case you're curious, I'm working part time at Walmart.  Seems whenever I tell people this, they roll their eyes or scrunch their faces, lol.  It starts at $11.50/hr stocking in the back and a little less in the front as cashier ($10-$11?).  Backroom is harder work with lifting and all that, so it pays more.  My doctor says I need to lose 20 pounds anyhow.  Maybe this will be the exercise plan that sticks!  XD
Hours are flexible.  Bonuses are given four times a year ($550 max each time for full time folks; part time is based on hours worked).  I like how their Pathway program allow employees to move up into higher positions over time.  One of the assistant managers in Dairy is 19 years old, another over in Meat or Frozen, forget which, is 23 and so on.  I've never been a manager of anything.  Kind of weird these kids are managers but also pretty cool.

I've done a number of odd jobs in my lifetime, from painting houses, to working in a factory, to selling fruits at the farmers' market, to a good ole' desk job... and now in retail.  Gotta say, despite the higher qualification for a desk job, I still respect people who can put in a hard day's labor.  Since I'm doing both at the same time, kind of make me appreciate my lousy desk job more because I get to sit whenever I want.  So overall, an appreciation of both white and blue collar jobs.

That isn't to say that if you're young and doing one of these physical labor jobs that you should stay in it.  Won't be fun when you're old.  Always try for more because you'll never know what you can do.  Many community colleges have tuition assistance.  Don't be quick to say that you were never good in school.  Thing is, I find that I learn things better and make them stick longer now that I'm older.  I don't learn as fast as I used to, but I understand more.  And for those bored in a desk job and gaining weight like I am, don't turn your nose at a blue collar job for that extra cash and much needed exercise if you have the interest/time/energy.  Siting in a cubicle for 40 years will turn you mad.

That's my spiel for the day to you kids.  TTYL!

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