Sunday, September 15, 2019

Happy Mid Autumn Harvest Festival

Hey everyone,

Long time no see!

I know I'm late but, Happy Mid Autumn Harvest Festival!  Moon cakes are probably on sale by now.  Go get some! 

P.S. Some Costco might actually have them depending on your area.  Typically if there are a lot of SE Asians around.  The Costco nearest me doesn't have it.  The one thirty minutes away does.

P.S.S.  Check expiration and check for mold.  Buy the ones made from US or Taiwan, if possible.  When in doubt, take it back!

I bet you don't want to get some now because this sounds like a lot of work 😼

(Still worth it!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!  It's the year of the Earth Pig!  Hope the new year brings whatever happiness you're searching for!

~Lenne Penry

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hope you're doing well and enjoying the new year with loved ones.

2018 went by pretty fast.  I feel as if I didn't get anything done!  2019 will be my (hopefully) get-things-done year!

Here's my year in review and some new goals for 2019.  Please feel free to share some of yours with me!

2018 New Year Resolutions:
  1. Lose 20 pounds.  (Ha!  I say this every year)  >Actually, I dropped 5 lbs working PT at Walmart
  2. Publish the fourth book to the Polaris otome series. >Incomplete goal (doh!)
  3. Publish more pictures on my blog posts.  I know I should.  Plain texts look so bland.  I just don't like pulling out the old drawing tablet until it's a big project like drawing the ending CGs for the novels. Maybe I'll doodle something for Lunar New Year. >Incomplete goal (doh!)
  4. Make at least $41 in royalties so I can break even on those ISBNs purchased from 2015. >Only made $6.99 in royalties this year :(  Still, thank you to everyone who gave my books a chance!  $34.01 to go!
  5. Finally pay off my car >Done!
  6. Possibly change job.  I applied for an overseas English teaching assistant position.  It pays less than a third of my current salary, lol, but I don't know... guess I need a change before the filters come off and my coworkers really know what I think.  Office politics.  Sigh... anyway, que sera, sera. >I got the job overseas but it just wasn't the right move for me at the time.  I'm still in search of a new job!
2019 New Year Resolutions:
  1. Lose 15 more pounds!
  2. Publish the fourth book to the Polaris otome series.
  3. Add more distribution channels to my book.
  4. Turn my novels into otome videos on YT.  (Just throwing out ideas)
  5. Make at least $34.01 in royalties so I can break even on those ISBNs purchased from 2015.
  6. Put a down payment on a house.
  7. Find a new job or start a business.
  8. Find and marry Hotohori (or this world's version of him) ... a girl can dream!
Let's see if I can meet some or all of these goals for 2019.  Again, let me know what some of yours are!

Thanks for visiting!
~Lenne Penry