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I'm a new author specializing in reverse-harem type novels.  Why?  Ever since I played my first otome game, I became obsessed!  After completing my first one, I did what I've never done before ... I wrote a fanfic (not posted online anywhere, and never will be).

I've always written short stories for fun and recently decided to venture into the world of publishing to share the stories that rattle inside my head.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I hope you'll give my work a chance and feedback is always appreciated.  My books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

You can find my books

So, what can be expected from my wannabe 'otome' books aka reverse-harem type novels?  Well, the main character (MC) is female and the stories are told from her point of view, as with the usual otome.  While reading the stories, choices will pop-up which will lead the MC to different paths, end the story, or doesn't change anything except to trigger a different response from the other characters.

In the usual otome games, sometimes love points or even trust/intimacy points, are built up/down and leads to different endings which usually comes with a nice CGI.  Since I can't build an efficient point system into the book (unless the reader wants to keep track and sum up the answer key), it's the reader's challenge to make it to the end.  In my "otome" books, CGs are often placed at every good ending or throughout the novels.

Recently, I've also started digital illustration gigs on Fiverr to hone my skills.  If you're interested, please check out my page (on the toolbar above) or look me up.  My Fiverr name is NoobArts.

Also, please follow me on Twitter (@LennePenry), Facebook and Goodreads.

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